Quick Housekeeping Update

I’ve been pretty quiet on my internet spaces recently because I was busy moving last week (and I’m still unpacking now), and I’ll be at Kumoricon all this current weekend, so I expect things will stay pretty quiet until next week, at least here on Tumblr.  I’ll probably Tweet about some of my K-con activities, though, if you’re really feeling desperate for some Gower-produced social media content.


I’ve been itching to share this for a while now. My last project was Cinderella, and since there’s already one version of Cinderella for Far Faria, I decided to do a Filipino version version just to mix it up. 

You can download the app to read it here! 


I had a dream the other night that they made a Night Vale movie and that Cecil was introduced with a very dramatic shot of him walking down the station hallway until it pans down and you see he’s wearing light-up sketchers

GX: Everyone Games #GX3

A quick run-down for those who have been waiting for details on GX3:

  • It’s going to be kept in the Bay Area, near an airport (exact location not yet determined)
  • It’s going to be held in either November or December of 2015
  • Tickets through the Kickstarter are $60 a piece; it will be $70 when the Kickstarter is over
  • The convention as a whole has been renamed from GaymerX to GX: Everyone Games
  • The Kickstarter ends on September 18th, 2014


i’m so fed up of fandom coddling and defending cullen because he’s a “trauma survivor” when dragon age is literally FULL of trauma survivors like do you need me to make a fucking list because i will, here:

  • leliana
  • morrigan
  • anders
  • fenris
  • isabela
  • zevran

there’s also merill, velanna and sigrun, if you squint and i’ve not even included minor characters like shianni and rica

but of course, all these characters are queer, ladies, poc or intersections thereof 

of course we must prioritize the cishet white dude’s experiences with “trauma” even though said trauma was the result of retaliation by victims of an oppressive system he was complicit in upholding

and don’t even come at me with the “so you’re saying cullen’s torture was justified because of his views” as if his views were something harmless and innocuous, entirely separate from his role as ranked templar

i don’t even know why people consider his DA2 endgame actions to be a sign that he’s turned away from his ‘mages aren’t people’ stance

i mean he was meredith’s second in command for AGES. if anyone was in a position to curb the rampant abuse at the gallows during meredith’s reign, it was him yet he did exactly zero things to stop her.

"this is not what the order stands for" which makes me wonder what he does think the order stands for, given that this thought never occurred to him in all the ten years of horrific abuses against the mages he’s witnessed at kirkwall’s gallows

he only turns against her at the very end at which point a) it’s literally obvious to everyone and their grandma that meredith is unfit for command and b) hawke is already committed to fighting meredith

sorry i don’t see any selfless heroic bravery in him standing up to meredith at that point; there was zero risk for him to do so anyway. defeat was unlikely seeing as the entire hawke party + his templars were going to be fighting meredith; literally the most overwhelmingly probable consequence to his standing up to meredith then was that she would die and he takes over meredith’s position as knight commander 

so in conclusion fuck cullen and fuck all the garbage defenses of his character







The Best of the Worst 90s Fashion


fucking awesome

im so fucking stoked about this post

this was stylish in harry potters Prime


Okay, so, story time. I spent all of today moving to a new apartment, which involved getting up really early to finish packing and has resulted in me being really tired right now.  But I remembered seeing something online when I was taking a break from packing this morning, and I was so tired that I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or not.

Hours later, when I was done moving and talking over dinner with some of my friends, I mentioned this thing I remembered seeing and being unsure if it was a dream. I told them what it was and they were all like, “No, that didn’t happen.  One of us would have heard about it if it did.”  So I just accepted that, yes, I had probably dreamed it.


(I didn’t dream it.)




I got bored at work.


this is the best thing ever oh my GOD


I will say this about my job-hunting experience over the past 2 days:

Potential employers are apparently really impressed with my self-loathing starving artist lifestyle.  Which, ????????

What does it look like now? Not your sunburn. The commute, I mean

So, I heard back from another place, and at first I was like, “Oh, well, maybe this will make my decision about the first place for me.”  But then they were like, “Surprise! The job’s in the industrial district.”  Which is, like, a 3 hour daily commute.